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要准备一日的三餐加上一大堆的避忌,还真的有点难,我不知道要怎样煮一餐没有用到酱油,蚝油和黑酱油,加上所有的豆腐类,鸡蛋和鸡肉都不可以吃。。还真的难倒我了。。可以想像蒸鱼不用酱油来调味,怎么蒸啊? 蒸出来的鱼我看了也没有胃口吃。。





3 thoughts on “干煎面包+水痘大战

  1. Hi Mooi ching

    There are misconceptions regarding the consumption of certain foods if one has chicken pox. For example, it is believed that eating dark soy sauce prevents chicken pox marks from disappearing. It is also widely held that sea food or eggs are ‘poisonous’ if consumed at this time and cause scarring. These beliefs have no scientific base. You only need to restrict such foods which you know your child may be allergic to. for futher information goto lots of information there.. from me lay see


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